Highlights from Past Shows

THE GLORY OF THE GARDEN (Dundas Museum and Archives, 2017)



I have always been a sky watcher. As a child I would sit by the lake at the family cottage and find pictures in the clouds. Star gazing, far from the lights of the city, was a magical experience. I often wondered what lay beyond those distant sparks of light, never imagining that someday, through the advances of technology, I would actually be able to see what lay past that starry curtain. On occasion, if I were truly lucky, I would be treated to the flare and dance of the northern lights. This show is the natural outgrowth of those experiences. I have never stopped being fascinated by the interplay of light, shadow and colour in clouds, nor forgotten the wonder and awe of the night sky. I hope that these works will help you share in the joy I find in skyscapes.


I would like to thank my daughter for her suggestion that I use my interest in the sky as the basis for this show. Thanks are also due to my husband for his unending patience while I spent hours immersed in my studio. My family and siblings were generous with taking cloud pictures and sharing them with me. (Some of their photos became the basis for paintings in this show.) Finally, I wish to credit NASA, and the folks who run the Hubble Telescope, whose photos allowed me to see things I never could have seen otherwise, and giving me permission to use their images as the starting point for paintings. Any photo images which inspired these works were used with the photographer’s permission, were my own photos, or were found in the public domain.

ROOT, LEAF, AND TWIG (St. James Church, Dundas, 2017)